Dear Reader(s):

This blog begins on Mother’s Day – May 9, 2010. For some reason, it seemed to be an appropriate time for me to start this.

My sister died on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 1:30pm EST, of breast cancer. The picture of her life was a beautiful puzzle. Well put together. Glorious and wonderful…and fragile.

However, at the moment of her death, I felt as if this delicate puzzle had been broken up into 5000 pieces, put back into the box, and then thoroughly shaken up. The well chiseled bits then being rudely shoved (or thrown) back at me, to somehow find a way to “put it all together again” in somewhat recognizable form.

“Oh well,” in my grief I reasoned, “it may take me a long time to put it back together, but the task should be relatively easy, since I already know what the finished product will look like”.

It was only after I accidentally flipped a few of the pieces over that I realized it was a two-sided puzzle. And so I began…

Putting the puzzle pieces together. On the flip side this time. Yes, this is what I am attempting to do. Trying to spin straw into gold.

For that reason, this blog will not be written in chronological order, and I will be free of the pressure of having to produce regular postings. However, I will put a special code at the bottom of each entry so that I can have an idea of what do do with it upon completion.

When I am finished, I will sort it out, and put the results into some type of order. Hopefully, I will come up with a picture, that although different from the first, will be one that I can familiarly recognize. But, for right now, random remembrance is what I will have to solely rely on. And this, is all I need. No editors, no spell checks, No family or friends contributions. Just my own honest thoughts and observations, and hopefully occasional inspiration from the departed guest of honor.

Thank you for bearing witness and for being a vigilant “Watcher” as I do this.

Thank you…very much. I appreciate the company.

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